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Dear Debbie,
We just wanted to thank you for sending three extra O-ring seals. Your service has been outstanding, and we appreciated the quick installation of the system. Your installer was very knowledgeable and quick. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for this type of system.
Jill and Frank Wagner (Cochranton, Penn.)

Dear Doug and Crew,
We wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new Omega water system. Your prompt service call on our old equipment was truly appreciated. After much frustration with our Kineters system, we made the right choice in choosing Omega. Your advice on what equipment was needed to accommodate the water needs of our large family has proven itself.
Thanks again, 
Sherry and Dave (Warren, Ohio)

Dear Omega Water Treatment Inc,
My husband and I built our home in 1999. We had Economy Well dig our well on our property. The water left an orange tint in our tubs, toilets and dishwasher. It also had a strong odor when using hot water. Economy Well sent out Vince to check our water. We were told that our water was high in iron with little gas. We were told that the smell and the orange color could be fixed by taking the pipe out of our hot water tank, and by purchasing a tank using a carbon filter. We waited a while and then purchased the unit. From 2003 until January of 2007, we had problems with the tank. We ran out of carbon, we ran low on pressure due to the unit backwashing every other night, and twice it flooded our toilets with black carbon. We contacted Vince each time and he would stop over usually within five to seven days. He recently told us we needed another tank to help with our problems due to our high iron. At this point, we have spent $2,138, which includes the purchase of the tank and the new carbon installations. We decided to contact Omega Water Treatment Inc for a second opinion.
Doug Riddle came out a checked our water. There was very little iron, and according to the Health Department regulations, it was unfit to drink! The allowed sodium content should be 500 or below and ours was 1510! We were told by Doug the complete opposite of everything that Economy Well had told us. (Except both agreed that we had soft water.) Our iron was low and the unit we had was useless in solving our problem.
We purchased a Reverse Osmosis drinking system off of Doug along with a chlorination system. Doug utilized one of the tanks we purchased from Economy Well to help us save money. We spent $3,190 in all.
Our system was installed the next day by very courteous professionals. We were well informed on the unit and its functions. Our water is better than it has ever been. We have been called three times in just four days to make sure all is okay. We have also called Omega with questions and received an instant response.
We would like to thank Doug for giving us what we have needed for the past six years. In our opinion, Omega is the best and the only business to deal with…period!
A most sincere Thank You,
The Bates Family (Newton Falls, Ohio) 

Lisa and Doug,
Know that it isn’t often that people will correspond with words of their satisfaction rather than complaints. We just wanted to say that we are very happy with the new R/O system, and we are so glad that everything is seemingly working well. We’re very pleased with the fact that this system is giving us good tasting water and the color and flow of the water at the tap is so much better. Know that it was frustrating to you and us alike, but do feel that patiently dealing with one another did finally bring the results we were all striving for. Thanks!
In Christian Love, 
Jackie and Fred Schrock 

Dear Omega Water,
We would like to thank you for fixing our water. We have a very similar story to some of the letters we read while you were here. 
We moved into our home in 1993. After washing a load of white clothes with bleach and they all turned brown, we realized we had a water problem. This is what started the search for help. We called the local water companies and had them test our water. The conclusions were the same from each of the companies: we had bad water. After long hours of deciding which company to go with, we chose Gordon Brothers. We thought we picked “the best,” but we were wrong. We have had 13 years of trouble, many repeated repair calls, but it was never fixed. They blamed our well. This was later proven to be false. If I could go back, I should have had them pull the system out after the first week. 
We now have GREAT water thanks to Omega. We know how difficult it is to believe all the sales pitches. Please feel free to call us anytime if you’re in doubt. Our water is fixed and we are enjoying it every day.
Thanks again Omega, 
Dean and Terry Steven (Diamond, Ohio) 

Dear Doug Riddle,
It has now been almost three years (1/31/01) since we purchased the “Air Injected Iron and Sulfur Filter with Calcite.” The rust problem at our house had been a very sore subject the entire time we had been living in our home in North Jackson, Ohio. Our commodes turned orange, our dishwasher turned orange, and all our white clothes would turn yellow until we purchased your system. 
We tried many different ways to correct the water problem and “nothing” worked. I did not expect yours to work either, but my wife was insistent. I am so thankful that I listened to her advice. The system removed iron and eliminated the discolorations. I am now confident enough in Omega and their system to recommend it, our water is proof of the results. Thank you.
Scott T. Wood (North Jackson, Ohio)

Chris and I want to thank you for the time and courtesy you showed us. We look forward to working with you and your staff to install the pond pump and water system. 

Again, thank you.
Chris and Christina Weston (Bristolville, Ohio)

Dear Kevin,
I am writing this letter to thank you for fixing our water problems. We wish that we had come to you first. It would have saved us a lot of money and aggravation. We were told by the salesman of Culligan that a water softener would take care of the rust and sulfur smell. Well, when it didn’t, all we got was a run around and no direct attempt was made to fix it. Your system has done the job that you said it would, and we appreciate the fact that you have represented yourself and your company in a truthful manner. 

John R. Erickson 

Another letter of thank you for the service you gave. Three weeks ago, we had the water conditioner installed and immediately noticed the difference in the water. We had been forced to drink bottled water due to the terrible taste of chlorine in the water. We also had hard water and now the soap we use is much more efficient. 

We appreciate the way in which we have been treated, the promptness of the return call, and for the promise to resolve the small problem we had with the satellite dish. We would not hesitate to recommend you and Omega systems to anyone. 

Sincerely Yours, 
Walton J. Tully (Newton Falls, Ohio) 

Dear Omega Water Treatment Inc,
We are writing to let you know how pleased we are with our water since you worked to change our system. It is clear and no longer contains iron. Our last water analysis report shows our water is perfect! 

Previous to contacting Omega, we had been searching for an answer to our problems through another water company. Eliminating the extreme amounts of iron in our water was a major source of frustration not only for us, but for this company as well. We went back and forth with this company for about a year and finally became very dissatisfied with the results. We decided to seek another way! 

Omega was recommended to us by a friend whose sister had the same problems with iron content in her water. We decided to go the same route and have Omega work to change our water. Omega installed our water system in June 1998, and it had been working perfectly to provide us with good, clean, clear water since day one! They were very professional and diligent when working with us to install our water system.
We are truly happy with the results and feel that the money put into this system was well worth it! We would recommend them to anyone!

Dan and Melanie Morris (West Middlesex, Penn.) 

Dear Debbie Riddle, 
We are writing to inform you of how pleased we are with our new water system. The time and effort taken to own our first water system has been well worth it. We do not have the hardness and iron problems to deal with anymore and that has been the most rewarding part to name the least. 
When we first decided to buy a water system, we interviewed several companies and after taking some time to discuss the pros and cons, we narrowed our options down to Culligan and Omega. Omega was very professional, representing their systems and presenting the facts. Omega never compared their company to other companies, which told us that they are willing to stand by their product. However, Culligan spent much of the time comparing other systems, explaining what they can do, which other systems can’t. Omega was very patient with us and spent the time to answer our questions. 

We are truly pleased with the choice we made and the results from the unit. We would recommend anyone for this system. This has been a learning experience for us that was well worth the time and energy. 

Bran Marriotti and Wendy Leo (Sharpsville, Penn.) 

Dear Doug, 

We just wanted to thank you for your time and patience with us. We hope you understand our skepticism. We had so many different opinions on exactly how to treat our water. This was a tough decision and a big investment for us. We are very happy with how well things are going. We hope your service will be just as good in the future as it has been so far. 

Thank you so much, 
Jim and Donna Black (New Springfield, Ohio) 

Dear Doug Riddle and Staff, 

Let me begin with telling you how skeptical I was about having these units put in. I have lived in Mecca for the past 8 years, and the rumors of bad water are true. And even worse, we were always told there was no solution. As I observed your plumbers putting in the units, I was amazed at all the different steps that the water takes before we get to it. It has now been a whole 5 minutes since they have completed the job. I of course am running the water and am amazed. It is not orange, or brown, nor does it have any substances floating in it. I was even able to wash a load of white clothes, and they all stayed white. It was nice to be able to take a shower without having to run the water for hours before just to get it clear enough to feel safe in. But best of all, now we can drink from our own faucets, we have not done this since we moved in 8 years ago – that’s a lot of bottled water. There are no words to describe how grateful I am, and I can't believe we waited this long. I guess you shouldn't believe everything you hear, because against all the odds, we now have excellent water thanks to Omega Water Treatment Inc and their Staff. 

The Stulls (Mark, Tammy, Hannah, and Mia (Cortland, Ohio) 

To Omega Water Systems, 

I wish to commend your water system. We are very pleased with it. The people who installed it were very polite, efficient and clean. We would also like to commend your employee Debbie Riddle. I found her to be of sterling character. She does her homework and saved us several thousand dollars on a system we could not have used. I found her to be a very fine young woman and a good salesperson. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Franklin (Stow, Ohio)

To Omega Water Systems, 

I wish to commend your water system. We are very pleased with it. The people who installed it were very polite, efficient and clean. We would also like to commend your employee Debbie Riddle. I found her to be of sterling character. She does her homework and saved us several thousand dollars on a system we could not have used. I found her to be a very fine young woman and a good salesperson. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Franklin (Stow, Ohio)

Dear Doug Riddle and the Omega Water Staff, 

Just a note of thanks for coming out and fixing our water problems. It’s nice to know that there are still companies you can trust and that truly care about customer satisfaction. Thanks so much for the great service! 

Joe and Anna (Cortland, Ohio)

Dear Omega, 

My husband and I would like to thank your company for your prompt and great service you have given us. We have been waiting for the original owners of A&J Plumbing and Water Service to come and service their equipment, but they have failed to do so. We have in the past made about 4 phone calls to them and they would say they will call us back and never do, so of course, we call again and get the brush off again. We are very displeased with that company and we will never refer them or even use them for ourselves again. 
When my husband called your company after that experience with A&J, we were not even expecting the kindness we were given. They took all the time needed to go over everything on the phone, which was on a Friday and they were at our home on Saturday. It was our fault missed them, but without a pause they returned on Sunday and repaired our system. They have been so great to us and will continue to do our service from now on. I will personally refer your company to everyone who needs any assistance. 

Thank you very much, 
Mrs. Kay Putnam

Dear Debbie, 

Don and I are very satisfied. After my ordeal with Culligan, making me wait three days and then giving me a hard time where no one seemed to care, I called three different softener companies, one being Omega. I chose Omega, because of the time you took to explain the water system and your knowledge of it. 
In addition to the fact that you could install the system promptly. We were pleased with the installation. I can’t remember any time the water was this good when we had Culligan. When I clean the dog’s water bowl, the paper towel is no longer orange or yellow looking. The iron smell is gone and I no longer buy my bottled water. It was nice that you gave us the test kit to track this. 
As for service, it’s nice to get a call back and it’s good to know you can be here in a day and without having to wait three days or more like Culligan. I’ve learned never to purchase just because of a name. I would refer Omega to anyone. 

Thanks again, 
Connie and Don Woolley (Canfield, Ohio) 


We just want to wish you a Happy Holiday and the thank you for providing us with a water system that really performs just as you said. Thank you to Omega and the installers for enabling our family to have water of superior quality we never thought possible. Thank you for your patience and honesty in addressing all of our doubts and concerns from start to finish. We are so fortunate to have had one of your previous customers refer you and Omega to us, we will not hesitate to do the same for some other homeowner in the future! 

The Kleis Family

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